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Don’t Shoot the Messenger

I’ve had these shoes for a few months and wore them for the first time today. They give you height and flight!

They remind me of a modern Hermes which is great as I’ve never had the legs for real full on gladiator sandals. Let’s get some wear out for them before the fast approaching Autumn.

They’re leather and have removable wings, cut with quite some detail. Nice touch.

Menswear Ss12: Mature and Masculine

There must have been some heat during the menswear catwalks of Paris and Milan for the SS12 collections which saw trends evolve into a more seasoned style. One trend of significance emerged in men’s suiting. The catwalks saw brilliant tailoring with shoulder pads, double-breasted jackets, sleeveless jacket stories and cravats with plenty of side-partings and picnic chequered pieces abundant.

It feels like the natural progression of the current sense of Modern Vintage - almost like smart teddy boys and skinny rockabillies grew up, but in the 21st century...  

Silhouettes for SS11 will be loose and exaggerated with oversized blazers and multiple pleats in the trousers to give volume. Neil Barrett finely exemplified this in Milan and likewise Raf Simons in Paris (below). 

Despite a chief tone of neutral colours for Men’s SS12, there is a distinct filter of incandescent primaries in the trend modernising it somewhat.

This trend reminds me of this Summer’s streets of London:

Cold Shoulder

oh I love a cut-out.

Not in that bordering hussy-type, body-hugging, stretchy material way (I’m not sure I’d be saying this if I were toned and all things proportionate). But more of a design engineered appreciative way…

The above left pearl detail I’d like to try myself with an old shirt…coming soon.

Above middle is Chanel Iman in a BCBG Max Azria dress with cut out shoulders and V neckline.

On the right, Rachel Zoe’s Resort consists of seventies-inspired dresses showing off some soft structured shoulders…

This look is so flattering on all body types, and makes any garment more delicate. Furthermore, this extra design element makes clothes look more expensive!

Accessories and Great Legs

Meeting with my favourite fashion friends from my LCF days yesterday evening was brilliant. Talk about great minds thinking alike with our two-finger and vintage inspired rings.

Accessories can make or break an outfit so from a simple leather bag with great design to chunky necklaces to beautify a simple black t-shirt - or even a long simple chain to a classic outfit really makes a difference.

Below, E and J were showing off their great legs. E had her amazing Topshop ankle boots on with the gold heel which reminded me of the Charlotte Olympia ankle boots from last season. J had lace trim bloomers under her denim high waisted shorts, Primark tights with some ankle boots and socks. 

Hanging around, Some kind of Lonely Clown

Today in London, its humid and sticky - so I opted for something airy: a cream button up shirt, a back bow necklace and red chunky shoes covered with a leather jacket.

My necklace is made from some ribbons I took from a Lanvin H&M shopping bag with some silver chunky beads I picked up from a haberdashery. I’ve also got my long chain silver cross and a two finger “love” ring.

My super comfy red Irregular Choice shoes are my best friends :)

Trend fall 11: Flashy Fur

This season, fur is back but it has evolved from Sping 11’s colour blocking! Think candy-coloured stoles, rainbow fur trimmings and bright gilets…much like the in the foot steps of Prada.

The high street haven’t quite cottoned on yet, but no doubt this trend will be visually abundant come Winter. However, this Evil Twin ‘In For the Kill’ Faux Fur Coat in that deep plum red at £145 is a great start (bleow).

Image 4 of Evil Twin 'In For the Kill' Faux Fur Coat

Hey soldier, LOOK ALIVE!

I might just be fringing on the edges of the blogosphere but this makes me happier than I’ve been in yonks. Happier than holidays, travelling, afternoon sleeps, the rain, nice tummies, non-athletic footwear and Danny Sullivan… 

The Look Show

Which is why I’m blogging about this stunning opportunity as my hunger for front row access at LOOK Magazine’s show during LFW sends my belly aching so hard the echoes resound, breaking ground. 

This might possibly the BEST show ever to go to: high street, affordable clothes on REAL women - oh it really hits my fashion spot in the most deliriously exciting way possible. Ever. 

Why I think I should win a spot on the F-ROW?

  1. Anyone get extent of how much I want this?
  2. I promise you’ll get a feverish update of everything going on - who?! what?! where?! oooo0Ooo0O0ooo
  3. You’ll want to hear what I think :)
  4. You know I’m the ultimate trend spotter
  5. I take good pictures

Hopefully the LOOK judging panel and agree….

Check out the competition:

Feel free to comment below

"Love Grows in me like a Tumour; Parasite bent on Devouring it’s host…"

Last Tuesday were the celebrations of my older Brother’s wedding to his beautiful new bride Andi. Two hundred people came together (80% to whom I was related!) to cheer their new married life together. Chinese celebrations are full of vibrant colours - from the golds and greens of the lion costumes, to the red silks of the traditions Chinese dresses, to the energetic mix of frills, drapes and corsets of the guests!

Both of Andi’s dresses were stunning. Her classic white dress was made from scratch from my brother’s own skills to imagine and design. His inspiration stemmed from red rose buds and lazy morning wake-ups in thick, cushy, feathered, bed sheets next to his love.

Her traditional red dress was paralytically breath taking. Below you can see the fine embroidery of each petal, flower and butterfly which was hand-stitched from fine silk threads and took an incredible three months to make! Well worth the wait, I think.

My dress is by AQUA and the two tone of the blue gives a slimming effect and is on trend with the colour blocking. There’s tons of material in this dress in the skirt part which is very ideal if you are planning to eat copious amounts of Chinese wedding food!

The day was full of organising guests; making sure things ran smoothly (and on time); photographing and toasting the happy couple; and general frantic running in around with no direction. So I also love the fact that this dress can be tied at the back to make it slightly shorter and completely changing the silhouette.

Nude Mood

This dress really does no favours for my pear-shape but I love the colour and I love the drape! There’s ruching  on either side of the front panel creating a fish tail type silhouette and collects at the back at the top of the rear. 

The knotting at the back makes it really elegant - I think this would be amazing in silk as an evening gown but the viscose material makes it more daytime. I teamed it with a bubble shaped hoody, some leggings and my ever faithful Topshop sling backs today. 

Cut a little piece of my Heart

He must have seriously inspired me this morning as I opted for a button up shirt myself. I bought this dress new from ASOS very recently - could have probably done with a bit of a press though. It buttons to the top and has two cut out holes on the chest. The mullet hemline means it does cover my rear, just in case you were wondering if I’d be mistaken for a lady of the night come sun down.

I’m wearing it with a pearl bow brooch at the neck like a bow tie (see It’s a Man’s World post) and a long silver cross necklace.

The tights were a dare in Primark….but being a victim of social pressure came up trumps. It’s quite fortuitous that these actually match my skin tone and they kind of work!

The Shoes are Moda in Pelle in a stone colour - also another happy accident this morning. I tipped my flat upside down looking for something somewhat summery (being August and all), something high and something chunky. But nothing worked, even Mr Irregular Choice hurt my feelings. Luckily these were sitting idly under my mirror and I thought “why the hell not?!”

In retrospect, not the best choice of outfit today. Black shirt and tights in August isn’t all that comfortable.

Fashion over Function. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Hot Guy on the Block

I love this guy’s clash of patterns and button up shirts have made his shoulders broader. His side parting adds to the smartened casual look. That smoldering thing he’s got going on also helps…

Lucky for me then :)

Don’t worry, I’ve got ya back

This dress is by Ever - something I picked up at LFWE February 2011. I didn’t try it on, the excitement of the interesting armpit holes sold it for me. Today’s the first day I’ve ever worn it :) It’s also a first for the beaded collar necklace too - I got that from ZARA for a photo shoot October 2010.

With or without the collar, the dress is interesting in structure. It has a high round neck and a waterfall drape down the front. The skirt part is much tighter which gives the hourglass illusion to my pear-shaped physique and the waterfall detailing continues along the dipped hemline of the skirt.

My hair didn’t grow overnight by the way. It’s a hair piece. Just practising for a very important event day week!

Fairytale Dreams

I have a dream….

Continuing my yearning for sculpture through footwear these Alexander McQueen dreams send my heart reeling, this is that fresh feeling, like old paint peeling (thanks Eels…).

They’re so fairytale - delicate, intricate, extraordinary, enchanting and entrancing!

Now…what would I wear them with? I guess they could carry themselves toutes seules but for the sake of those non-naturists out there, including myself:

Shop the looks at

Enjoy a mood board much?

Out of the Blue

Yesterday I found some amazing customised Levi’s in Beyond Retro at Oxford Circus - with blue frilly lace along the hem. I love them, they just need a little more so I’ve ordered some gold and silver spike studs from Ebay to rock them up a bit.

Today I’ve put them with this button backed, silk blouse from a vintage shop in Glasgow. I love this top for its versatility - it has textured pattern all over and two loose panels from the neck. The shoulder pads make me feel I could lift weights.

Below I’ve shown how sometimes this top can be worn tied up. It gives the blouse more shape - so I probably would have worn it like this if I didn’t have my legs out today!

Also you can tuck the under shirt in, like below. So if you have a cool belt and something high waisted it will make you look skinnier - unless you’ve just eaten a snickers and an almond chocoloate magnum ice-cream for lunch….